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Panokko Is What

Panokko is a practical cardboard display solution.It is light and easy to fit in your luggage. You can easily pass trough X Rays with it and bring it back home without any hassle. It doesnt require you to order high amounts to get low prices, you can order Panokko in low quantities and the price will still be highly affordable.


With it's folding structure you can carry it anywhere you want with ease.


Hight amounts of orders makes it even more economic and lowers your expenses.

Ayaklı Reklam Panoları


Its 300 gr per piece so you wont even feel any weight at all when carrying it around.


With it's 4 step setup system you can have your Panokko up and ready in seconds.

Cardboard Displays

You can check some of our finished products below.

Karton Pano - Kolay Pano
Ayaklı Reklam Panosu - Ayaklı Reklam Panoları
Kolay Pano
Display Reklam Panoları

With Panokko agencies and wholesalers can minimise their expenses and outsource their production process.

Order Now

If you have any further questions please fill out the form and our sales team will contact you as soon as possible.

By the way, dont forget that you can order low amounts without worrying about high prices per piece.

Panokko; everything you need about carboard displays, display totems, and point of sales.

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